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3 fave finds of 20-14

You know I’m all for living in the present but I have to admit, I’m already thinking of 2014 as last year. Reflecting on ‘things’ that have changed my life over the last year (ok, 10 months) I have had some seriously good finds. So good in fact, I couldn’t not share them with you.


Here we go


1.   The menstrual cup (also known as a moon cup)

Some friends have been grossed out when I explained this puppy to them but when you think about it, pads and tampons are actually revolting. So, lets get real and talk periods for a sec. This thing is WAY better for your hoo-haa (did you know, they put heaps of chemicals in tampons that actually make you bleed more – so you have to buy more…!!!) WAY better for the environment, cheaper in the long run and WAY less hassle (you almost forget that you’ve got your period) All you do is pop it in, in the morning, over the day it will fill up and you can take it out up to 12 hours later – depending on you flow. Clean and Simple. Life changer.  They retail for about $50 and you can grab them at Royal Beauty in East Perth or the pharmacy on Newcastle/Beaufort cnr in Northbridge. You’re welcome.


2.   Vitamineral Green.

I’ve been through my fair share of green powders and this one is my all time fave. I used to think that having a heap of ingredients n a green powder meant that it wasn’t as potent but now I understand the body loves variety and there’s no fillers in this little baby. So it’s full of green leafys, seaweeds, aglaes, sprouts, grasses and berries. And it works to support detoxification, the immune system, liver, kidneys, blood, bones, colon, pancreas, muscles, brain, regularity, circulation, and longevity….so, it pretty much does everything. AND it actually tastes good! I just add it to my cold-press juice or smoothies. Available at prana health foods at Subiaco station markets and


3.    Futon Mattress

I’ve always wanted one and after getting used to sleeping on super firm beds through India, I just could not go back to smooshy cloud like spring mattresses. Aside from the benefits for the spine and overall sleep hygiene, I sleep deeper, wake up easier and enjoy longer periods of undisturbed sleep. (Also, really awesome if you or your sleep buddy suffer allergies or sensitivities) I got a futon made of 100% cotton which is outstanding, best investment of the year fo’ sure. I got mine locally at Brett’s Futons all made in WA.

Julie Andrews eat your heart out!! 

Fave sleep fact of the week: So, unlike all the other organs the brain is not cleaned by the lymphatic system but by it’s own Cerebral Spinal fluid which only flushes through while we’re sleeping! No sleep = dirty mind.

Love you alchemists

<3 Amanda