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Hot in the City

cultivating inner fire.jpg

We’re turning up the heat here yogis. S**t just got real.

We are launching heart-first into the fire element – it’s look, taste, feel and how it will change your life (for the best ever) We’re inviting agni into our yoga, meditation and diet, because with our inner elements in check winter can be exceptionally fortifying and nourishing.

If there is one way to balance the cold, damp and static nature of winter, it’s with Fire. And I promise, she will lick every aspect of your being; this transformative goddess leaves nothing untouched.

So, Let’s Ignite.

  • Keep moving! You might be feeling the pull to hibernate but we want to avoid inactivity. In winter, our physical practice is about maintaining strength and building stamina. Rock out the agni kriyas and warm up from the inside out. Help your heart out too by getting all hot ‘n’ sweaty to boost circulation. (No more cold, numb hands and feet!) You’ll feel empowered, vital and oh-so sexy.


  • Our digestive fire is at it’s peak at this time of year; nurture your self with warm, unctuous foods like porridge, root vegetable soup and spicy dhal. Bitter, dark greens like kale and broccoli also combat any feeling of heaviness. And if you’re a nut milk kinda gal (or guy) go for oily ones like macadamia and cashew through winter.


  • Embrace the reflective quality of winter and give yourself time to meditate, contemplate, read, write and make plans for the second half of 2014. This is where we get to choose what “seeds” we want to plant that will sprout in spring. Keeping your inner fire alight now will ensure your momentum to make it all manifest.

Playing with fire can be wild and even scary sometimes, I know. She cannot be tamed. But if we get out the way, quit trying to contain it and harness it’s potential; Fire has the power to transform our old habits, stale relationships, misaligned workpaths, creative blocks, stress reactions and unconscious choices. Without a shadow of a doubt.

Some Billy Joel.

The longer I practice this crazy-beautiful thing called Yoga, the more I think, “Holy crap, this stuff actually works!” And the more I invite all it’s craziness and beauty into every. single. layer of my life, the more crazy-beautiful things become.

Let’s keep unpacking yoga, life and all that we love and see what we can create together!

What “seeds” are you planting for the next cycle? Let me know n the Comments below

 All love, Amanda.