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How to: Handstand (& be a better person)

The reason we love a good, strong handstand is not because it looks pretty or even because feels super fun; It's the dedication, effort, persistence and patience thats required to get up there. It's not gunna happen overnight but it will happen, especially with these tips and practice - practice - practice. 

Before moving safely into yoga handstand, it is important to build the strength that is needed to keep the arms straight and the core strong. 


The handstand requires the shoulders to be strong and open at the same time. Focus on poses that strengthen the arms and shoulders, poses that open the shoulders and some poses that strengthen the core before moving into handstand. 


Begin by taking a few rounds of cat tilts and downward facing dog to warm up the spine and shoulders, followed by some sun salutations. To access the core, take a few cycles of navasana (boat pose), focusing on keeping the belly button moving in and up to support length throughout the spine. 


Once up against a wall try taking one foot at a time off, if you can take both feet off the wall at the same time focus on the hands, think of your finger tips as breaks to stop you falling back onto the wall and the heel of the hands as the accelerator to stop you from coming back down onto the feet. Pull in and up through your pelvic floor and navel centre to help stabilize the hips and legs, and most importantly, remember to breathe and have fun with this invigorating pose!

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