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Love is in the Air...

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Like a bird cracking it’s shell or a seedling bursting through from the deep, fertile soil of winter, we are taking the first tentative steps into the new cycle!

The whole “spring clean” thing is no coincidence. This is the optimal time of year to detoxify all aspects of life.

Sometimes the best place to start is on the ground; begin this cycle by eliminating clutter and activating stagnant areas of your home.

 Many of us experience allergies and chest infections at this time of year, this is our wonderful body’s way of clearing out impurities and excess kalpha* Of course the Ayurveda Yogis have many practices we can use to balance accumulated kalpha from the winter months.

 *General qualities of kalpha are heavy, dull, dense and oily.

 Start the day with hot water, apple cider vinegar and local honey (organic, raw) The local bit is important as this helps build up immunity to pollen in our immediate environment. The ACV helps to cut through kalpha and stimulate digestion.  Avoid dairy and wheat as they aggravate mucous production, heaviness and dull energy.


Get outside and enjoy the increasingly abundant sunshine! Our yoga practice in spring is focused on increasing circulation of lymph and blood, invigorating the tissues and skin as well as lightening the body. As we relish in the growing warmth and length of the days in Perth, we can harness the solar energy to inspire a warm, dynamic yoga practice.

Now is the time of rebirth, to give full power to the seed dreams you mulled over through winter, dissolve any limiting beliefs or toxic behaviour and flourish into your sublime potential.

How are you starting your spring cycle?

Let me know in the Comments below!

Huge Love,