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How to: feel fresh in-flight

I have to admit, I have never been someone who hates flying (and I seem to have amazing seat-karma, always getting a spare seat or even whole row to myself - who needs business class?!)

However the whole process of long-haul flying (pretty much everywhere is long-haul from Perth) really does take it’s toll on body and mind. Over the years I have done my fair share of travelling and now have the in-flight thing down to a T.

As I pack my bags to head to Los Angeles for a couple of weeks to train with the powerhouse that is Shiva Rea I’ll share with you some tips to feeling fresh in-flight and my number 1 antidote to combat jet-lag.  Oh Yeah.


In my Carry On


Of course we all know how important it is to stay hydrated. I pretty much make it my project to drink as much water as possible before, after and during flight (and I always ask for an aisle seat so I can go to the bathroom as much as necessary)

Bring your own water bottle and ask the attendant to fill it for you through flight. Bringing a thermos is also seriously awesome; you can get hot water on the plane and at airports anywhere. I bring my Sleepytime and Vata balancing tea and this makes me happy. (Looking though the lens of Ayurveda, flying is Vata aggravating so this tea helps to get grounded and remain calm)

Oil me up, baby!

Organic Rose Hip oil is beautiful for keeping skin nourished and when flying around I re-purpose this and whack it in the ends of my hair and use it as a hand/body moisturiser to keep everything from drying out.

Essentials: Lavender to promote sleep (fingers crossed!) and Peppermint to wake up, refresh and also doubles as a mouthwash mixed with some water!

Pratyahara: Depriving the senses

Good quality, noise-cancelling headphones are way better to watch movies and listen to music with AND they block out all the noise from around so you can really rest (warning: once you change over, you’ll never go back) Upload some yoga nidra and guided meditations to your device and you’ll be set. 

A nice thick headband means you’ll look slick on arrival and doubles as an eye mask (the ones they give you are full of toxic crap)


I don’t even want to talk about how fake the plane food is. Bringing your own is totally do-able and worth it. Easy stuff like these chia puddings are filling and healthy, pre-cut veggie sticks and muesli bars are gong in my bag!

Jet Lag no more!

This is my all time, all-natural favorite trick to eliminating jet lag and I promise; ever since I learnt this I’ve been lag-free. Don’t ask me why it works but it does and it just makes sense.

When you arrive at your destination, you must watch the first sunrise or sunset with presence, make it you meditation. This seems to sync up your body clock with where you are. It’s worth a try!


Do you have any tricks to overcoming the lag? What are your in-flight essentials? Let me know in the Comments below


Adios Amigas!

Love Amanda