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exploring, experimenting + evolving | with Suzi Rice

It’s no secret I’m pretty smitten with this gal, she waltzed off the streets of NYC into my heart and I cannot imagine alchemy without her! Get the scoop with Suz’ on travel, hamstrings and wedding bells!
— Love Amanda

What are you currently exploring or experimenting with in your yoga practice?

One of my 2015 goals is to get my running legs back in gear and make running, once again, part of my weekly routine. Thus, a lot more attention in my yoga practice is keeping and continuing to create length in my hamstrings, quads, and calves by experimenting with various sequences and shapes targeting these major muscle groups. With this, I’m also continuing to work on my back bending practice which deepens as I gain flexibility and extension in my psoas and hip flexors!  


What’s your fave way to nourish yourself?

My favorite way to nourish myself is treating myself to a deep tissue massage, soaking up sun rays at the beach, or to have a fabulous conversation with a good friend over a coffee, wine or good meal.  All are soul soothing and deeply restorative. 


What does it mean to Evolve?

I believe evolving is expanding one’s sense of self and accepting through experience. We can only grow from gaining consciousness of the present; and, with realization, take action to create an expansion or shift in ourselves based on this new knowledge, When contemplating the word, I envision a tree emerging as it’s roots deepen into the Earth and it’s limbs continue moving outwardly. In this vision, there is a deep grounding (from the inside) occurring in order to manifest outward potential. This could be spiritually or through positive mind work.


What do you love most about travelling?

I love putting myself outside my comfort zone, experiencing a sense of otherness (cultures, traditions, people, scenery, new foods, etc.), getting lost and finding my way, and ultimately learning more about who I am and who I want to be in this world. I love the unexpected kindness and compassion that shows itself in various ways through my journeys and all of the different people I meet from experience to experience. And, I love how each adventure provides a newfound sense of enlightenment or empowerment that makes all dreams seem achievable and how traveling presents the rose colored lens that anything is possible!  Mostly, it’s a reminder that life is too short and we must make the most of each moment by enjoying what we are doing and the people and energies that we are doing things with!


What are your big dreams for 2015?

So many! I’m excited to have a huge reunion of a wedding with friends and family home in the States to my best friend and soulmate! I’m going to run another half marathon at some point. I plan on continuing to work on developing and growing a holistic coaching business while integrating yoga practice and theory in the work. I will start writing something that will develop into some kind of book (!). I dream about being closer to my friends and family, continuing to travel with any opportunity that presents itself, and completing my Institute of Integrative Nutrition Certification.  Luckily, I have a whole 12 months!

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