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Resolve to Evolve


If you’re anything like me, you’re totally over New Years resolutions – how trite do they feel? We’re getting a yogic infused upgrade and setting Sankalpa. This is about getting crystal clear and realizing your purpose, shifting the focus from what needs to be “improved” to what we wish to create for our outer life and what we want to cultivate inside. Sankalpa is igniting your passion, willpower and making this year radically worthwhile.


Sound Good?

This is how we do it

 What seeds are you go going to sow?


Take tie time to get clear and quiet. Your Sankalpa will likely arise with deep listening, inside, not to external forces.

Now, Imagine your body (mind/heart/soul – whatever works for you) as the soil, the fertile foundation of your life. Your body is your roots, it’s what grounds you here, on the earth, where ever you are.

So, What do you wish to cultivate in your inner garden? What qualities to you wish to exude? Gratitude – Self-acceptance – joy – passion – all of the above? Think of these as precious little seeds that you will need to plant, water, sing to and quietly love on the daily.


What can I give? (rather than get?)


Did you know, you have something special, something that no one else has? What do you want to contribute to the people in your life and the planet that we inhabit? Imagine your 90-year-old self, what would she say? What will your legacy be? As you meditate on this, recognise any limiting or fear based thoughts that bubble up - see them for what they are; pesky little nay-sayers.

Know that you have a opportunity to contribute consciously, give your unique gifts and create in every moment. A smile, a fully present exchange with the shop assistant, telling someone you love how amazing he or she is. Let your creative potential flow into every thing you do, making dinner, writing a Thank You note – this is how to Live with Intention, this is how we evolve.


The distillery


Now boil this down and write yourself a personal mantra that you can repeat in meditation, when you get up in the morning and go to sleep at night, when you’re in line, waiting for your boyfriend to get ready, whenever you please! Like a good shot of espresso, make your Sankalpa short, sweet, and potent.  Guaranteed that if you commit to yourself in this way, whatever you wish to manifest will unfold in it’s own mysterious way. As they say: “Energy goes where attention flows”


Wanna go through the process with me this Sunday? We will dive deep into setting Intentions and integrating them with a powerful flow – super charged with your personal mantra.

3pm @yoga_alchemy Sunday 11th Jan 2015