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Autumn Ayurvedic must-do's

It may not feel like it quite yet, but autumn is just around the corner. There’s a stack of things we can do to make the transition into dewy mornings and falling leaves a little smoother.  Yoga teaches us to unite our attention to not only our bodies but also to the body of our Earth so let’s take a leisurely stroll down Ayurveda lane.


1.    Stop eating on the run! By eating mindfully and seasonally, we can quickly balance excessive Vata, which dominates autumn and can cause us to feel rushed, scattered or flighty and makes skin and hair brittle and dry. So it’s time to start phasing out cold, raw foods and bring more warming foods into the mix. Go for root veggies and indulge in pots of chai or Vata tea.



2.     Make your yoga practice a nurturing time to listen inwardly and move at a meditative, rhythmic pace. After the warm months our bodies can feel stronger and more flexible than ever, it’s important to refrain from pushing as we transition into a new season muscles and joints become less mobile more susceptible to injury. Although I love to use oil year round, this is its prime time! Organic Sesame oil is great for balancing vata dosha. Practice self-massage to keep body tissues super supple and moist.  

3.  Time to cease multi-tasking, sorry ladies! Write down your ideal daily, weekly or monthly routine to balance sleep, eating, yoga, love and work. Get in the groove of loving your mini rituals (they don’t have to involve chanting or incense, can be as simple as a sunrise cuppa) and embrace going slow. When Vata gets out of balance we can easily feel anxious and worried but when we take time to move mindfully through the day spontaneous inspiration bursts forth and creativity flourishes.

Enjoy the grounding effect of intentional routine; enjoy time in nature, bear witness to the magnificent changing face of our collective home, enjoy nourishing your body and those you love with abundant gratitude, compassion and delight.


What are your fave rituals to enjoy autumn? Share with us the comments below!