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my fave businesses that give back

We all know that we vote with our dollars these days so choosing products that have a social benefit built into their brand is a no brainer. I’m not encouraging you to buy things that you don’t need, but if you are going to use or consume this kind of product anyway, these businesses do the charitable work on your behalf. 

There are lots more amazing businesses doing this kind of work and I'd love to hear your faves in the Comments, here are some of mine. 



Who gives a crap

There are more then a couple of reasons to love this toilet paper brand. Their packaging and “emergency rolls” are adorable, the auto-recurring shipping option means you are never left in the lurch AND my Dad reckons this is the best TP on the market.
Since they are all about sustainability and sanitation, Who gives a crap produce all their products using environmentally friendly materials and donate 50% of their profits to build toilets for those in need. 


These guys started off with bottled water (although we love our reusable water bottles, sometimes you need to purchase the plastic stuff, and in that case this is The One) and now they have expanded to hand and body wash, lotions, anti-bac and I also spied some muesli by Thankyou when I was at Wooworths.  Thankyou was founded by an amazing Aussie couple who are determined to resolve the world poverty crisis with 100% of their profits going to poverty relief. 


Ok yes, this is a shameless plug for my own give-back-biz. I was inspired to create these pendants last year with all the proceeds from our jewellery going directly to a life changing school that I support in Rajahstan, North India. I’m so lucky to spend time at the school throughout the year and see first hand the massive difference KARMA COLLAB is making to these little girls lives. In addition to our intentional and ethically made pendants, we are collaborating with a stack of fantastic artists and businesses with pop up shops and charitable events so stay tuned to the Karma Collab Crew facebook group!

Hero Condoms

Condoms are still the only form of contraception for au natural women (Read: How I quit The Pill here) so if you are not seeking STDs or pregnancy, this brand are for you. Voted best condom by Aussie women, Hero products are vegan and ecologically produced and each purchase contributes to saving lives through Hero's work to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa. #makelove

Out of Print

Keep this one in mind come Christmas time! If you are a book lover like me you will swoon over these shirts, socks and other apparel that celebrates our fave classic and cult literature. I particularly love this brand for baby and kids gifts  and the best bit is, Out of Print are dedicated to global literacy and donate their profits to literacy education in communities in need. I have seen lots of book stores stocking the super cute socks so keep your eyes peeled! 


I have a particular soft spot for this business because I see the amazing impact they are making in India. They are making huge strides in empowering women with micro-finance to start their own businesses as well as providing employment training and contributing to freeing women and girls from the cycle of abuse and sex-trafficking. As a bonus, Sudara designs and prints are gorgeous, high quality, perfect for transitions from yoga and to  the street.

Did you enjoy this post? Let me know in the comments below your fave brands that give back! 

Love Mandy