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living organic + ayurvedic in Perth

I got to spend the summer in my hometown of Perth, Western Australia and after three months of soaking up the pristine beaches and slow pace I want to share some rare gems in the world of organics and ayurveda in Perth! Let me know in the comments your fave spots in Perth! 

Eden & wild

I was beyond excited when I got wind of this new cafe in Claremont (and soon to be in Freo) Lisa Clegg and her team of ayurveda angels have created a cutting edge cafe with the likes of Charcoal Coconut lattes and turmeric tofu scramble on the menu.  I got the host a Ayurveda 101 workshop in the space just before I few out and cannot wait to see this baby grow! 

Bodhi J

This isn't exactly a new addition to Perth but still one of the only organic spa. I got to indulge in a pedicure and facial here after discovering a gift voucher in my wallet (day the before it expired!!!! SCORE) And Bodhi J really is an urban sanctuary. Once you step off the Northbridge street through the door you are transported to somewhere clean and quiet and soft, perfect place to reset and be renewed.  

George & Ivy

Eeeeeek! Again I was jumping out my skin at the opening of this super sweet, organic hair studio. My beloved hairdresser for years, Cat and her hubby have finally opened their own place, true to their own killer style and earth-loving ethics. Aside from being top notch stylists, they are using O Way products which are super natural, biodynamic AND plastic free. Join the evolution!!  

Halka B

If you don't already know about Halka B, you are about to have your skin and scent life changed forever! Back in the day when I was completing my first yoga teacher training, I worked at the Raw Kitchen in Freo, this was when they had the tiny shop (not the mega warehouse that we now enjoy) Across the way, Halka B popped up and I have been loving the products and knowledge offered here ever since. What is it? Think, next level face and body oils (the Sun Oil is a must in summer) high-quality resins, incense, fragrances, jewellery and art. Just go, and set aside some time to be enveloped in the goodness!

The Juicist

Also, not exactly a newbie but a definite old fave. Summer is the prime time to do a juice cleanse, and I like to a few cleanses a year to give my digestive system a little break. It's incredibly important to have organic produce for a juice cleanse (otherwise its basically cold-pressed pesticides) so if you want to make your cleanse as simple as possible go with the Juicist!  

I hope this helps you to enjoy and support the people that are leading the way for our city and the planet! Let me know your faves in the comments!