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Is your schedule stressing you out? (&  3 ways to restore balance)

I’m not sure that I believe in work-life balance but I do believe in creating a schedule that feels like it’s supporting You, rather than stressing you. After all, it’s a tool that is supposed to help you to do your best work and be your best self.

I know all too well how it feels to over-commit and to feel overwhelmed when looking at the calendar and I also know some simple practices that have helped me to radically shift my relationship to the word “work” and “schedule” so let’s get into it.

1.     Create space.

There is a lot of cool research coming out on how “un-focus” time is just as important as the productive or “focused” time we put into the day. Aside from that, it’s important to have empty time and space for spontaneity and rest. So the first step in this guide is to look at your daily or weekly planner (I recommend daily)  and block out some clear, white space where there is nothing “to do” and you can simply be. We need this time on a daily basis, you might block out a bigger chunk of time on a weekly basis and when planning your year ahead, reserve some non-negotiable white space to maintain the balance between input-output.

2.  Align with the stars (planets)  

Each day of the week is governed by a particular planet and each planet in our solar system has a specific flavour or energy to it. You are part of this epic solar system and your bones and blood are made up of the same minerals as these planets, so naturally we are affected by their proximity to planet earth, just like the moon. Whether you work from home, freelance or in an office you can utilize the energy of each day to create more ease and harmony with your work, colleagues and family.

Monday is ruled by the moon, it’s the day to go slow, reflect on you are working on, get organised and incorporate something creative into the day. Hold off on admin, meetings and emails as much as you can and enjoy a more insular vibe.  


Tuesday is ruled by Mars, it’s all forward momentum and movement. Harness this energy to engage in communications, execute your plans and put yourself out there.


Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. Steady yourself with a solid routine and plan, be aware of overthinking or worrying. Head down, bum up this the day to focus and incorporate some breaks to sit and be still through the day.

 Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, the guru or teacher planet. A prime day for studying, learning, stretching yourself in some capacity. All about enquiry and growth. This is the day to schedule that presentation you’ve been working on, pitching a new idea and absorbing some inspiring content.


Friday is ruled by Venus, the planet of grace and beauty. It is time to cultivate love and generosity. Take yourself or workmate on a date. Dress up, share what you love.


Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn. This is the day to tend to your home, living spaces and garden. Saturn helps you to create sustainable structure in your life, wrap up deadlines and projects, plan for the week ahead.  


Sunday is ruled by the Sun. Yay! Sundays are all about celebration, being out in the world with friends, family and community. Enjoy what warms your heart, cook and create, be in nature and don’t give a second thought to work!




If you are not already tracking your menstrual cycle, get on to it!

And if you are not experiencing a regular bleed cycle (for any reason, hormonal imbalance, stress, pregnancy or postpartum, menopause) then you are going to use the moon cycle as your guide to managing your energy.

At the beginning of each month, day 1 of bleeding / the new moon I recommend sitting down with your calendar and mapping out the month ahead. Week 1 is where you want to rest and hibernate and conserve as much energy as possible. Plan ahead so you can have some down time and delegate from day 1-7.  

Then hormones and lunar energy begin to rise, ride this wave for the next 2 weeks up to the peak at day 14 / full moon. This is prime time for giving presentations at work, hosting workshops or parties, being social as our hormones/energy levels support this  and our capacity to give is biggest at this time.


From day 21-28 our hormones plummet and the light from the moon is rapidly decreasing. It’s only natural that our energy levels also deplete at this time and we want to withdraw and begin the cycle of slowing down. Get super discerning about what you actually need to do and cut the fat, tie up your loose ends and prep meals and work so you can really rest as week 1 / the new moon rolls around again.


I hope this gives you some really practical guidance on setting up a sustainable and supportive schedule for you and your family. For more practical tools and nature-based wisdom, register for Paths to You now!

Share your scheduling tips in the comments below and if you have a question, let me know!