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5 ways yoga rocked my reality

I wish everybody could have the feeling of connection that I have had on my yoga mat. I practice because I want to experience more of life, feel more alive and be present for more of the moments that relentlessly tick by. If everybody had the opportunity to experience that feeling, I reckon the world would be a better place to inhabit.


Beyond making our world more harmonious, there are countless reasons why a steady yoga practice totally rocks your world. So here are a few ways yoga has changed my life to date and how regularity changes the game completely.


{Disclaimer: committing to a consistent yoga practice will result in the end of life, as you know it}


Relationship enrichment.

Ok. This was a big one for me. When I started really diving into yoga and discovered that I had a CHOICE about how I wanted to respond (rather than react) when it came to relating to my partner, my parents, my 

We all know that a good move and groove on your mat can intercept a sharp comment or dissolve a grumpy mood. I think its safe to say, yoga has prevented countless arguments, saved many marriages and probably lives.

Your body loves it.

Here’s the deal, the more you get down with your fave and not so fave asana, the more your body will thank you. Every cat in the world has a good stretch as soon as they get up and we really don’t need to look much further than our furry gurus to understand how to Be. Basically, if you don’t move it, you lose it. Meaning, if you don’t move your beloved muscles and joints on the daily we lose our range of motion and ability to move freely. I’m interested in yoga as a practice for longevity; I want to be that 100-year-old woman who can kick it with the young ones. Don’t you?

Like taking out the trash.

Being immersed in our daily yoga practice is a total reset for the mind and nervous system. Letting all the stress, anxiety and frustration accumulate in the mind is like letting the rubbish build up in the kitchen bin. After a few days you might notice it starting to fester. Imagine what is going on inside your mind if you haven’t given it a good cleaning. Not a pretty picture. So take out the rubbish, clear space inside.


Kick-ass immunity.

There are loads of scientific and biological reasons why this is so, but I think the cooler bit is about being in the flow. Living a yoga practice, day in and out, aligns us to the natural seasons and cycles of a day, month and year. So not only are we connected to our bodies and hearts but also to the environment and world around us. This means we intrinsically know what foods to eat, when we need to rest, if we are about to get sick and we can respond accordingly.  


The trickle-down effect.  

Have you noticed the way yoga seems to trickle into every part of your day? As I deepened my love affair with daily practice, pretty quickly I saw my choices changing.  The food I wanted to eat, my bed time, the way I chose to spend money, the people I chose to hang out with, the conversation I chose to engage in, the issues that sparked my interest.  All of a sudden it was like I was getting VERY clear feedback from my body and mind. A conversation with my inner self had begun.


Tell us how yoga has changed your life in the comments below & check out our ongoing membership option if you want to start cultivating some of these benefits for yourself.


Love, Amanda