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3 step ayurvedic beauty ritual

I often say that Ayurveda is the original self-care system. If there was ever a health or healing syem that subscribes to the idea that "beauty comes from the inside out" it's Ayurveda. 

It will be no surprise that I will preface this little beauty ritual by pointing out that unless your diet, lifestyle, sleep, yoga and exercise no external beauty treatment will get you glowing, no matter how sophisticated, expensive or  cutting edge it might be. 

So, assuming that you are looking after your WHOLE temple, inside and out, let us proceed with the pampering. 

The classic 3 step beauty flow is what we are following here, bear in mind that knowing your individual dosha is important and you should customise this ritual to suit your skin's unique needs. 


1. Cleanse

In a glass jar, combine coconut milk powder with equal part oat flour (good for vata/ dry skin) or chickpea flour (good for kalpha/oily skin) 

When you are ready to cleanse, pop a couple of spoonfuls into the palm of your hand and mix with warm water to make a thin paste. Rub over your face and rinse with water or facecloth. To make this more exfoliating, you can add coconut palm sugar or natural fine salt depending on your skin type. 


2. Tone

In a glass bottle (spray bottles work well for this too) combine equal parts rose water and aloe vera, plus 10 drop (per 100ml) of high quality tea tree oil.  Either mist over the  face or swipe using a cotton pad or reusable cotton cloth. This is also a nice re-fresh midday or after yoga. 


3. Nourish

I am a huge fan of oil, and depending on your dosha and the current season, oils fall on a spectrum from light to heavy. You might also combine essential oils for added benefit. On the light end of the spectrum, grapeseed and almond oil are super nourishing, I suggest combining with a few drops of lavender essential oil - especially good for kalpha dosha babes. For vata dosha, jojoba is great, especially with wild orange or geranium essential oil. And for firey pitta goddesses, coconut oil, combined with sandalwood is divine. 


Enjoy your daily rituals of self love, and let me know in the comments your fave beauty practises! 
Love, Mandy