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exploring, experimenting & evolving || w Claudia Scalisi

This wild, wonderous woman walked into my life almost exactly 12 months ago, it was one of those moments where you just CLICK, you speak the same language and sing the same songs. Claudia has an infectious passion for yoga and has inspired literally hundreds of students through our Beginners Courses.
If you want a taste of this Italian Bella, you can catch her Monday 12 + 7pm and Tuesday 6.30am.
Here’s the scoop from Claudia Scalisi...
— Love, Amanda

   What are you currently exploring or experimenting with in your yoga practice?

Currently I am fascinated with feeling the flow of prana through my body during my practice and exploring the stillness within the physical movement of my body.

I know this sounds contradictory, however there is yin & yang within every asana entered just as there is silence within sound – I consider this with every transition I make during my Vinyasa practice so the whole experience of my yoga takes on the form of moving meditation.


    What’s your favourite way to nourish yourself?

City Beach, Perth

City Beach, Perth

Firstly I nourish myself with positive stimulation, from what it is that I read, what I listen to and where I choose to place my body during the day. Everything else comes along from there, when you’re aligned and in love with your life you naturally choose wholesome foods and I just adore my freshly squeezed green juices in the morning.

The ocean has been a long time friend who soothes me and bathing in her waters always connects me to my senses. I find even being near the water instantly nourishes me.

I also revel in my evening yin & pranayama home practice followed by an early night sleep.

   What does it mean to evolve?

For me, to evolve means to take conscious action towards breaking through the veil of avidya, ignorance to life.

Taking time to self reflect and ask yourself questions, you know the ones, you normally decide you want a cup of tea right in the middle of trying to answer them... Learning how to love yourself completely without condition takes courage as it requires you look at yourself through the eyes of source and choose to let go of what no longer serves you – including habits and self-defeating thought patterns. Then evolution becomes a conscious act in which you are the co-creator working in harmony with divine intelligence.


     What do you love most about SUPYoga?

Ooooooooo – my two loves, yoga and water!!! The buoyancy of liquid, the sounds it makes and the sounds of life teeming around me, the gentle rocking of my board…The exchange between me and the water…. how the water receives my energy when I push with my hand or my foot into my board and then she offers her energy back to me which I receive.

I liken this to a playful exchange between us. Playful exchange. You can’t take yourself too seriously on the water, stay too rigid and you’ll topple straight in! Be playful and explore with the curiosity of a child, breathe into the space around you, feel into your feet and hands, notice which one you give dominance and start to re-align yourself.

Such is the power of water for me.


  What are your big dreams for 2015?

This past year life has presented me with strong opportunities for growth and the manifestation of my goals has so far has been so fast!

In the beginning this rapid manifestation caused me to feel fear as with growth comes change, and sometimes lots of changes can be unsettling.

Ultimately my big dreams for this year is to remain open to the gifts being presented to me, they’ve been arriving in the forms of new relationships, travel and an expansion in my ideals of what ‘home’ means for me… These gifts are arriving because I have called them, the time has now come to step up to receive them. So I guess my big dreams for 2015 is to continue to consciously practice the art of allowing.

When you really want something, the whole universe conspires to support you.
— Paulo Cohello from his book The Alchemist…