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5 things to consider when packing for India

It’s no secret that I have an intense love affair going on with India and anyone that will sit and talk to me about the craziness, the sacredness the synchronicities, the ridiculousness and near death experiences that come with any pilgrimage to the Motherland of Yoga. Now I'm on my fifth journey to study in India, the place that calls you to really practice your yoga in a big way. I'm often asked for advice about travelling to this mysterious and sometimes intimidating land so here are a few things that you might like to pack to make the roller-coaster ride a little smoother.


[Disclaimer: for all the wonderful preparation and measures you take to maintain a nice sense of order, India forces you to dissolve expectations, surrender control and inevitably Let Go of any ideas or beliefs you have a firm grip on]


So, by all means, be prepared, and be prepared to let it all go.


1.     Colloidal Silver. This stuff is mega anti bacterial, removes odours and is said to kill germs. I like to take a little spray bottle of this stuff to spray in my mouth daily to prevent tummy bugs, on my toothbrush and on stinky post-train travel clothes. 


2.     A light shawl or scarf. This probably goes without say but, when walking the streets or navigating public transport, you can make life easier for yourself (especially as a lone lady traveller) if you cover up your shoulders, (and even your head in certain areas) If nothing else it can help you feel more comfortable and attract less attention. It’s also a handy mouth shield for when you’re bouncing along in a rickshaw and breathing in traffic pollution! On this note, it is sometimes helpful to wear a simple ring on your ‘marriage’ finger so ward off unwanted suitors.


3.     Probiotics. Even if you are very careful and eating a vegetarian diet, it nearly impossible not to get sick. Up your dosage of probiotics in the weeks leading up to your trip and take some with you (the kind that do not require refrigeration) Prevention is definitely better than being bound to a toilet so get your gut super happy & healthy pre-travel.


4.     Reusable water bottle. Plastic is a HUGE problem in India, it is a relatively new product and there is little to no waste management in many regions. While travelling it’s easy for us to not contribute to the pollution, lots of hotels and cafes now provide filtered water dispensers’ so you can fill your own bottle.


5.     Earplugs. India is the epitome of contradictions. There are so many serene places in nature where you can enjoy abundant peace and tranquility. And at the same time, India is a very noisy place.  Especially in the cities (where you will have to transit in and out from) Earplugs are also great in flight so block out white noise so you can sleep or meditate. Sometimes the noise is inescapable, there might be construction, roosters, temple bells, relentless honking of horns... Ensure you get a good night sleep so you can enjoy each day and have the patience and perspective to be present with whatever incredible India throws at you!

Do you have any travel tips?! Share them in the comments below! 

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Love, Amanda