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exploring +evolving || w Phoebe Jones

I have been trying to get Phoebe in the mix at Alchemy for months and YAY she is in! This goddess is Perth’s queen of playlists, has the most mesmerising crystal blue eyes and a unique, authentic, creative style of sharing yoga as a way of life. So lucky to have her here! (Can you tell I’m a little bit excited?!)
— Amanda

What are you currently exploring or experimenting with in your practice?

Meditation. I feel like its going back to the very beginning to lay the foundations of my whole practice. 

What’s your fave  way to nourish yourself?

Escapes from the big smoke! Heading home to the Ferguson Valley or up to the farm. I know I am so very fortunate to have these places to go to, it allows me to decompress so deeply.

Learn more about  Phoebe

Learn more about Phoebe

What do you love most about sharing yoga?

It makes people feel so good ! To share that wonderful feeling of reconnecting through breath, movement and a steady focus. I would love for everybody to feel that !


Whats in the Recently Added in your iPod?

Actually Paul Simon is a recent addition… Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes. Heaven! 

What does it mean to Evolve?

To move with the ever changing world around us… yet still being able to keep our heads attached and our hearts open.

Phoebe will be hanging out at Alchemy alot through May, covering for Amanda and teaching regularly on Thursday evenings. 

Tell us in the Comments below; what tunes are on repeat for you at the moment! 

Love, Amanda