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Yogis guide to: Los Angeles

You might be surprised to know that Los Angeles is a yogi’s paradise. There are more yoga studios in the neighborhoods of Santa Monica and Venice Beach than any other place on Earth and that means all the other things we love, like green juice and organic pedicures are also saturating the area. This list could be extensive but I’ve boiled it down to the cream of the crop for you.  




Bhakti Yoga Shala

This is my LA ‘yoga home’ this tiny treasure is tucked away in Santa Monica like a shining jewel among the malls and tourist traps. It’s a pay by donation studio and all about love infused classes that go straight to the heart of traditional and intentional yoga practice. Monday Night Kirtan is a MUST and any of Govindas’s classes are fantastic.


Yoga Works

This is your big, bustling classic LA studio and one of the oldest around. If you want the full sweat-festival experience, get down to Saturday morning class with the infamous Vinnie Marino. Be sure to arrive 30 minutes early to claim your place along with the 90 other yogis you’ll be sweating, moving and breathing with.



This is the new incarnation of the Venice Beach yoga institution, Exhale (now closed) The teachers from the old studio have banded together and created a space that is super fresh and light. Check out Christi Christiansen’s classes for a solid Vinyasa you can count on and Thursday night Free-form dance with Julian Walker (amazing!)




Thai Vegan

This is literally always the first and last place I hit when I am in LA. It’s so inconspicuous you could walk right by but it is the best Thai food in the world (no joke) You can’t go wrong, all vegan, gluten and dairy free, they make their own tofu and tempeh AND they have fresh coconuts. And mango slices.


Café Gratitude

A healthy hotspot that’s been around for ages and they just keeps delivering the goods. When you order you’ll be asked to contemplate their question of the day, it’s a breezy space to hang out after you’re done at the beach. My pick: the I am Whole bowl.


The Butchers Daughter

New kid on the block and BOY was I stoked to be here! Currently sitting as my #1 spot to eat, drink, work, meet friends and marvel at their beautiful design and attention to detail. Love this space and the food is also next level delicious (again, all vegetarian, gluten free etc.) I would happily eat here everyday, forever.



Smoothies + Coffee


Erewhon health food grocery

I nearly cried when I walked into this GORGEOUS health food store. (Disclaimer: I harbor an unusual level of love for these kinds of stores) Nonetheless, this place is incredible, especially their bottled juices and smoothies. It seems like they only stock the best of everything so there is no ‘filler’ Set aside some time to meander the aisles and be dazzled by the health-products porn. 


Main Squeeze

Awesome juice and smoothie bar on Main st. They also have a great selection of little snacks and treats as well as some creative blends. My pick: The sweet potato chai smoothie, it’s so creamy and will keep you kicking all afternoon.


One Life natural foods

I love the old school, local feel at One Life. Super fresh produce and a small grocery area but really it’s all about the kiosk you can order fresh juices from at the back of the store. My pick: their green juices and acai smoothie bowls are the bomb.


Groundworks Coffee

Organic coffee yay! This hip roasting house have two venues in the area, one Main st and one on Rose Ave so you’re never far from getting a high quality caffeine fix.


Blue Bottle

This is a coffee nerds dream. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of different blends and brews or if you just want a mega refined coffee experience definitely try this joint before venturing down Abbott Kinney Blvd(voted the world’s best shopping street, where no ‘big brand names’ are allowed)


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