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Sonic Alchemy | the healing power of music | w Linda Coral

This is one of my most favourite interviews yet. This week, I was lucky enough to talk with the wonder-full and wise Linda Coral (who’s angel voice graced our ears on our recent Talalla Retreat) she shares with us the single most liberating experience you can have.
Sound good?
— Love, Amanda

Why do you feel freeing the voice is so important? 

Your voice is you. Your voice is inseparable from your being - your mind, body and emotions. Your voice is the bridge between your inner and outer worlds. When there is a rift between what you express and how you actually feel, the truest part of you is abandoned. When you free your most authentic and natural voice, it is an act of self love, and essentially you are validating and freeing yourself. You come back into wholeness and integrity with yourself, planting the seeds for true freedom, happiness and joy to bloom.


Why do you think so many people have a hard time expressing their authentic voice?

The reason is not pretty, but it is because underneath the mask, there is a fear of disapproval and being unloved. When we are born our first action is to breathe, and then to release a sound. But we learn in our formative years that it is unacceptable to express our true emotions, and in order to gain the love and approval that we need, we suppress and hide our natural self.


What is something anyone can do to encourage healthy self expression?

I recommend a simple, but often daunting practice of expressing your feelings honestly without blame. Say your thoughts and feelings aloud, nobody necessarily needs to hear you. It may be an expression of fear, anger, hatred, love or joy. It might seem intimidating because of how many judgements we have, but owning how you feel out loud can be the single most liberating thing you can experience; hence the saying “the truth will set you free”


How does sound really affect our bodies?

Sound is vibrating physical energy. Our bodies are made of vibrating physical energy (atoms). Sound can penetrate the body, enliven the heart and bypass the logical mind in magical and mysterious ways that I find hard to comprehend.


How can sound work as a meditation tool?

Singing, and producing sound in a repetitive way, like you do with mantras, is an extraordinarily effective way to get you out of your head, and connecting with your breath, your body and all aspects of your being. It is great for those who find it hard to sit still and meditate, because it is an active and dynamic process, and encourages therapeutic release. It helps stuck energy in the body to move freely. This is the heart of Alchemy – turning base metals of fear and anxiety into the gold of freedom, love and joy.

An invitation

Join Linda and Amanda for a sunday sesh dedicated to movement and sonic meditation, see all the juicy details here 

Linda is a holistic vocal coach in Perth, to learn more click here

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