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Take control of letting go: a practicum

The first step to letting go is to STOP and recognise how much is being held. What is holding you back? a belief, a habit, a behaviour, a conditioning, a relationship, a context, a job?

Sometimes the work to be done is big and requires all your commitment, faith and acceptance. Other times, a little tidy up and that moment of recognition is enough.

Have you noticed our cultural addiction to Do-ing?

The yang dominated world we live in right now, teaches us that doing more is good, being busy is glorified and multi tasking is an honorable skill to possess. Just as important is our yin skillset; our ability to go slow, do just one simple thing with full presence, be soft and surrender.

Maybe the most important thing we can let go of is our conditioned fear that ‘shit just won’t happen’ if we are passive and soft, the belief that it’s a waste of time or ineffective to surrender.

We see it on our yoga mats. Some of the body tissues, like the muscles, love us to move dynamically and get heated, just like some situations do. On the other hand, other tissues, like other circumstance, call us to move slowly, look inside and simply be real.

Photo: Andrew Kuypers

Photo: Andrew Kuypers

Your job is to be the discerning yogi.

If you can move in the way any situation calls you to move in, in that moment with presence. You’ve nailed it.

We tend not to practice being soft as much, so our skills in this department can get a little rusty.

3 steps for you to facilitate letting go


1. Pause. Recognise what behaviour or belief is blocking your best self from moving forward.


2. Accept and appreciate that experience / person / construct and all that it has taught you.


3. Exhale. Exhale. Exhale. And release.

Physically – soften.

Mentally – surrender analytical thinking.

Heart wise – forgive. 

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Love, Amanda