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food alchemy || green macha + cacao smoothie

The last few weeks I have been sliding rapidly down a slippery slope of too many coffees a day. You know how that can happen?

Anyway, I am SO excited by this recent invention (Im sure Im not the only one to have done this before) but Im left thinking "Why the hell didn't I think of this before!?" and I want ti share it with you. 


This smoothie has ensured a steady ride into the afternoon feeling alert, but not wired. Plus its a mega hit of oxidants which is always a good thing, right?!


Without further adieu, my green macha cacao smoothie

1 cup of coconut milk 

1 cup of filtered spring water

1 tbspn of organic, raw cacao

1 tbspm chia seeds

1/2 frozen banana

1 tbspn of coconut or UDO's oil

1 tspn of pure green tea macha powder (please do not buy the sugary crap)

*optionals Maca powder, protein powder, probiotics

Just blend this baby up until smooth!

Ive also made this by brewing the tea prior and using the cool tea instead of water (both methods work well)

I hope this smoothie brings you as much joy and happiness as it does to me!