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moon bathing

If you are blessed to live coastal, getting in the ocean is an essential summer

practice, its incredibly grounding and soothing for an overworked nervous

system. Immersing in ocean water also sends all the good minerals directly to

your cells, drops your core body temperature and boosts the circulation of fresh

blood into your organs.


To get even more out of your ocean time, meditate at sunset and watch the

moon rise. Basking in the cooling nectar of the moonlight helps to recharge

and replenish on a deep and subtle level. The healing glow from the moon is

pouring down onto the earth in abundance on a full moon, although any night

is a good night for this practice!

 Summer Full Moon’s for 2016/ 2017

December 14 : January 12 : February 11

*Times and days will change slightly depending on your location

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