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Meditation 101 + why I couldn't stop crying

Let me tell you a little story.

I was alone, in the Western Australian bush. Crying my eyes out. It was my first silent meditation retreat and we were barely half way through the first day. We had begun ‘noble silence’ just hours before and after a group meditation session I took myself for a peaceful little bushwalk.  It was then, that the tears started flooding in, sadness so heart wrenching, it felt unwarranted by anything I’d experienced in my ‘real life’

 I tried to reason with myself Come on Amanda, You are OK, everything is OK. But I was overwhelmed by gulps, shudders and sobs. I tried to stop those relentless tears in a 1008 creative ways, hours went by and eventually, frustration took over; This is ridiculous, get your act together. I walked back to the meditation hall with tears still streaming down my cheeks.

Among the other serene sitting yogis, I got on my mat with a box of tissues. I surrendered my will Alright then, you wanna cry? I said to myself Fine, go for it.

It was then, only then, that the tears subsided. There was quiet relief and a new kind of spaciousness inside

Acceptance is the pre-requisite for change.

I’m sure many teachers had told me this, in one way or any other, but it was only in that experience where I felt what Acceptance truly is, now I take that with me into every meditation, apply it to any thought, any situation.


Mediation 101

For thousands of year’s people have practiced meditation, for physical, mental and spiritual benefits. It’s been proven now, that regular meditation affects the brain in profound ways, reducing stress, anxiety and depression. 

So, to get started you want to find a style of meditation that reliably puts you in a calm and focused state.

+ Once you’ve found a technique that is a good fit for you, establish a sustainable habit, a designated time of day to meditate that becomes as second nature as brushing your teeth. 

+ Then, be Patient and Accepting. While consistent meditation can help us feel relaxed and at ease, sometimes it will be frustrating, there will be many tiny thoughts and there may be tears.

+ Begin with Breath

Sit comfortably (on a chair / against a wall / on a cushion) And start to take slow, deep breaths in and out your nose. Notice where you feel your breath most in your body and rest your attention there. When you notice a thought pop up, accept its presence and return your attention to your chosen point of focus. Each time you notice a thought: soften, smile with deep Acceptance and return to your breath.


Share with me in the comments below, your worst meditation experience, or your fave style of meditation. 

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Love Amanda