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Ladies and the lunar cycles

Attuning to the Moon

Police know about it. Emergency departments know about it. Dogs and cats know about it. The moon can make us go cookoo, if we are out if sync with the natural cycles, so here is everything you need to know about synching up your body clock to the lunar phases that cycle each month.

Since the beginning of time, we have revolved our lifestyle around the ritual and routine of the sun, moon, seasons and solstices. It’s only recently, now that we have bright lights blaring day and night, exciting (and not-so exciting) activates to distract us and the comfort of temperature controlled environments and the luxury of having our fave fruits available year round.  With all of the advancement, it’s easy for us to lose our connection to the continously changing cycles, rhythms and seasons of the natural world.

Our lady ancestors knew about the moon too and the sacred relationship the moon has with the waters of our planet and our bodies, our emotions and energy levels. Back in the day, women were acutely aware of an additional sense of rhythm circulating with the moon. Women’s menstrual cycles are a natural way the body cleanses and rejuvenates and at the time of the New Moon, at the darkest phases of the lunar cycle women would gather together in ‘the red tent’ (many different names in different cultures) to support one another in a journey of deep introspection.

Since we are now ‘on call’ and available round the clock, it’s important to create dedicated time to honour the wax and wane of your personal energy levels, time for looking inward and enjoying quietude, balanced with time to participate and engage with the external world and create.

Ayurveda teaches us that this is THE key to ultimate health and vitality, cultivating balance, embracing change and aligning to the natural world that surrounds us (even if it doesn’t look the same as out ancestors saw it)

Here’s some simple stuff you can do, in 2015, to attune your attention to the natural rhythm of life and get your body clock in sync with mother moon.
- New moon / menstrual time: lay low, take time to rest, hydrate and reflect with meditation, writing, reading and the company of other supportive women friends.
- Full moon time: express the creative side of yourself, prepare meals to share in celebration with friends and family, sing, dance and get wild!
- Eat seasonal produce (I absolutely LOVE my seasonal fruit and veggie box from The Organic Collective)
- Honour the sun with sleeping at appropriate times, rise with the sun and you will have tons more energy!

If you want to learn more about how the lunar cycles effect our bodies, minds ana capacity to manifest intentions, check out our New Moon Sadhana sunjday sesssion at 3pm this week!

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Love, Amanda