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Light on Northbridge || Northside Books

192 William St

My favourite bookstore, Northside Books, has expanded its walls and created a beautiful oasis that you could easily spend an afternoon or two exploring.  In celebration, I wanted to share with you some of my top picks for meaningful Christmas gifts and inspired summer lounging. 

This cookbook by Aussie home-cook exploded the realms of salad making, based on recipes from the famed Surrey Hills restaurant. Now Hetty McKinnon has broadened her horizons and is taking Brooklyn by storm. 

"Community brings together sixty of Arthur Street Kitchen's best loved seasonal, hearty, big-flavoured salads. 

Leaving no vegetable, herb, legume, nut or spice unturned, Community shows the reader how to effortlessly and confidently dish up healthy, meat-free comfort food, perfect heart-and-soul meals to share with family, friends and neighbours." 

It's no secret that adult colouring books are the trend de jour in the book department. I've been loving these mandala colouring books, it really is a meditation in itself and a good lesson for me in accepting imperfection and impermance! I always go outside the lines!! 

A classic from one of  the world's most revered Buddhist and Mindfullness teachers Thich Nhat Hanh. This would make a lovely gift for anyone curious about mindfullness and meditation. Or just for to warm your heart and smile. 

This year, I finally got into essential oils. It had been on my radar for a while and I'd always liked the scents but didnt really know much about the therapy and application of high quality oils. 


INow I crave oils like food, it's incredible how often the 'cravings' line up with what I'm feeling or working with! 

This week was my cat Luna's first birthday :-) 

Pop in store, sign up to the mailing list and (side note) James can order books in for you if they are not on the shelf and often works out to be cheaper and quicker than ordering online!! Support local book stores!! 


With Love,