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How to get off The Pill (with ease + grace)

I came off the contraceptive pill by mistake, it was unplanned and I was in no way prepared. I was on my way to airport when I realized with dread Oh f*ck I’ve forgotten my pill, it was late at night with no pharmacies open and no time to spare to go back home. I was about to embark on a month long adventure through the Moroccan and Libyan desert Oh well, I’ll just have a month off. No big deal, and didn’t give it another thought.

As the end of the month drew near, something intangible that I could barely put into words, something I did not see coming was revealing itself.

I felt like myself again.

I had been on the Pill for 10 years and I remember saying to my boyfriend I just feel like my NORMAL self!!! And I couldn’t bear the thought of starting to take that tiny synthetic pill ever again.

In hindsight and armed with the knowledge I now have about synthetic contraception I’m so happy I stopped taking that little sucker (now 6 years ago) but there are loads of things I could have done to make that transition easier so I hope this helps you to return to your natural, beautiful womanhood!   


  Get excited about your cycle

First thing on the agenda is to change your perception on periods and drop all the negative stories we have been told around PMS and the whole pain in the ass of simply being a woman.  Begin to track your cycle using an app like Clue and learn how to harmonies your life with your lady seasons with the Adore Your Cycle e-book (both of which I love and live by) And if you are wanting to fall pregnant these two are your new best friends.


  Get clear on contraception

Whether you are in a partnership or not, clarity and transparency are sexy, as a woman you are empowered to lay down the law in this department. Since we have now evolved out of putting toxic synthetic hormones into our body-temples, natural condoms are the way to go.

HERO  is a socially responsible Australian sexual health company. Hero condoms are made from natural rubber latex and unlike many other brands do not contain the highly toxic spermicide chemicals.  AND, best of all,  for each condom sold they donate one in developing contrives, in order to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS.  To date, they have donated nearly 2 million condoms in Botswana. You can get your hands on their premium, vegan, eco-friendly products at Woolworths and Coles  


   Give your liver some love

If there was ever a time to cleanse, this is it. Check out a high-quality liver cleanse that is right for your body and season to help your lovely liver flush out those hormones and get you back in a balanced place. Shortly after going off the Pill I did a 40-day pancha karma (an Ayurvedic detox program) and I really think it helped to get things moving quicker. There are lots of supplements that are specifically beneficial like Milk Thistle so chat to your naturopath or get Googling. And hopefully it goes without saying DO YOUR YOGA. 


  Clean up your diet + water

First of all, get yourself sorted with some natural spring water (Apolstle are an amazing local company) because you want to be drinking LOTS of it. Also, the healthier you can be with your diet, especially for these first 3 months post-Pill , the easier it will be for your body to recalibrate and balance out your natural hormone production.  So, think lots of leafy greens and bright colours . Nothing inflammatory (meaning no wheat, sugar, dairy and alcohol) and lots of good fats like coconut and avocado. Good news is you can eat as much Cacao as you like.


   Save your skin!

Yes, it’s true, as your hormones work themselves out your skin might get grumpy, you might feel moody (um by the way, having different moods is normal for human beings) and you might also see an emergence of your libido. My hot tip is to get onto EPO; Evening Primrose Oil. I religiously took this as a supplement for about a year and I swore by it. At least try for 3 months if your skin is breaking out. Research shows the Omega 6 and fatty acids help regulate hormones that cause acne. Also, lots of self care and skin pampering.


I hope this helps you transition off the Pill smoothly and easily! Ask questions and share your experience in the comments below and hit the love heart of you liked this post.

Love, Mandy