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Purify your life


Spring cleaning is not restricted to the home, give your body temple a thorough cleanse this season and you'll be able to enjoy the celebration of Summer with abundant energy, feeling light and super fresh! Below are 5 simple ways you can use Ayurveda at home to purify your life. 


Panchakarma is the Ayurvedic detox program

that works to cleanse on a deep level. It involves

a strict diet, treatments, meditations and eating

lots of herbs and ghee. And can be the impetus

for huge mental, emotional and energetic shifts.

You can employ the principles of the program

(which is very specific and usually done over 10, 21

or 40 days) very simply at home. Below are 6 ways

to you can detox and move into spring feeling

invigorated and renewed.

I encourage you to commit to a number of days

and watch the effects of the cleanse come into full

bloom in your body and life.


Dry body brushing

Gets circulation of stagnant

blood and lymph flowing.


Neti pot

 especially if you suffer allergies or feel

blocked up / excessive mucus.



No surprises here. Enjoy an invigorating, firey practice

regularly, if you can wake up one hour before

sunrise to practice this is ideal.

Check out my SPRING GLOW video,

designed exactly for this season!



Eat light. Bring in more greens and

steamed veggies, fresh fruit and herbs.

Eliminate all refined sugar, wheat, dairy and

drink loads of water.

- Hot water with honey, lemon or apple cider

vinegar: for cutting through oil and stimulating

digestive fire, balancing kalpha and honey helps

with the extra pollen in the air.



Get moving, enjoy sauna or steam baths

to thaw out winter stiffness, reduce water

retention and feel all dewy and glow from the

inside out.

If you liked this post, download your Spring Glow video + auyrveda lifestyle guide for even more ways to live in harmony with the seasons and cycles of life. 

Love, Amanda