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Spring clean as a ritual of self-love

Cleaning out the wardrobe brings a special sense of satisfaction doesn't it? Anyone can experience that glorious lightness that comes with lightening our material load, but the deeper work is to do it as a ritual. To care for ourselves and tenderly look at the emotional attachment we place on clothes and other material possessions. 

It’s no coincidence that we feel the urge to clean

out the closets when the sun comes out in spring.

We accumulate stuff on all levels as the year

flows and whether its physical, mental, material,

emotional or energetic – all it does is weigh us



We want to be light. So light.

Start with your wardrobe, I have a “one item in,

one item goes out” policy which means anytime I

buy something new I give another item away. But

when I want to do a big cull. I use the 90-90 rule.

Ask yourself “Have I worn this in the last 90 days?

Do I intend on wearing it in the next 90 days?”

If the answer is no, let it go. This goes for shoes,

bags and jewelry too!

Once you have tackled your wardrobe, move onto

your desk/ office, creative space, pantry/fridge and even

your computer/ inbox.

If you want to take this ritual art to the next level, we can begin to look at what is coming IN to our lives, rather than what we are letting out. This is what I think is the ultimate self-love.

Every time you go to purchase something, whether in store or online: take a breath & ask yourself: why do I desire this? does this really add value to my life? what am I seeking to feel? what hole am I trying to fill?

These are hard questions and can be confronting, but the truth is that most of the things we buy are out of habit, addiction, distraction and so on. Above all else, let this be another way to care and love your self fully and completely, just as you are! 

If you would like more resources on this topic, let me know in the comments!

With love, Amanda