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How to yogafy your schedule

The truth of the matter is, we don't live in the mountains/forest/cave; we happen to live in the world. We want to participate in the whole game of having a job/family/social life/eating good food etc AND we want to incorporate yoga and stillness into the mix. This is the modern yogis balancing act. 

This is your guide to the alchemy of making your schedule sacred. 

SO, there is one thing we can do to feel radically capable, centered and free. By creating a schedule, a routine or daily ritual that feels sustainable we connect our inner and outer life. There are a few keys to making a schedule that aligns to your values and the natural flow of a week; so here’s what I know.

Ideally your daily flow is a balance of:

·      sleep / rest

·      nourishment, (no eating on the run!)

·      yoga (meaning any meditative practice to help you breathe and feel)

·      love (doing what you enjoy, cultivating loving relationships)

·      work / livelihood

·      creativity / play

Cultivating a blanched schedule might extend to a broader cycle than a day. You can create a weekly rhythm, lunar cyclical (two weeks) monthly or seasonal rhythm.

For example, you might schedule in a rest day on the new and full moon days.

Another interesting thing to consider when creating your weekly flow is the planets that align to each day. There is a whole world of astrology info out there for you to explore if you are interested, but here is a very basic overview to get the ball rolling.  Since I started doing this last year I cant deny I feel much more harmony and ease with my work and communication flow.

Monday: Ruled by the moon, it’s a day to reflect, hold off on admin and emails as much as you can and incorporate something creative into the day.

Tuesday: Ruled by Mars, its all forward momentum and movement. Harness this energy to engage in communications, get organised and put yourself out there. This is best admin/ emails day!

Wednesday: Ruled by Mercury. Do something that makes you feel steady, be aware of overthinking or worrying.

Thursday: Ruled by Jupiter, a prime day for studying, learning, stretching yourself in some capacity. All about enquiry and growth.

Friday: Ruled by Venus, time to cultivate love and generosity. Do what you love, share what you love, create and dedicate time to your loving relationships.

Saturday: Ruled by Saturn. This is the day to tend to your home, living spaces and garden, wrap up on deadlines and projects.

Sunday: Ruled by the Sun (obvs…) Time to celebrate, be out in the world with friends, family and community.

For more ways to integrate yoga practice and lifestyle download GLOW now! Its a 1 hour vinyasa practice and ayurvedic lifestyle guide to help you stay connected to the natural flow of seasons, change and transformation. 

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love, Amanda