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exploring + evolving || w Tess Barretto

I first met Tess when I was teaching yoga at her workplace many moons ago and I knew right away she just GOT IT. Tess has since fallen in love with yoga herself and is sharing the love with students all over Perth! We are so lucky to have her at alchemy, her smile is the ultimate ‘Good Morning’ or mid-day pick me up!
— Amanda

What are you currently exploring or experimenting with in your yoga practice?

Mindfulness is something I have been recently experimenting with, not only in my asana practice but also in my day-to-day life.  I am making a conscious effort to detach from society's increasing modern distractions and focusing deeply on ‘being’.  The pace of life often makes it difficult to realise and appreciate moment-to-moment awareness.  In exploring this in my life and practice it has shown me how much beauty we continually miss when we are not truly focused on the present.  

Currently in my asana practice I am all about handstands - I just can’t get enough of them!! I am finding handstands are building up my arm and shoulder strength which has benefitted other aspects of my practice. The increase of blood flow to my brain makes me feel happy and energised.


What’s your favourite way to nourish yourself?

At the start of summer I treated myself to a cold-press juicer and I have been mixing combinations of all types of fruit & vegetable juices.  Fresh juices packed full of nutrients make me feel great.  My other favourite way to nourish myself is morning stand up paddle boarding (SUP) yoga practice. I have a secret location on the river where I can practice with no one other than the occasional sailing boat, fisherman and dolphin.  Being able to take my practice outside amongst nature floating and flowing has brought a completely different dimension to my practice and I am enjoying every moment  of it. 

What does it mean to Evolve?

Learning, developing, growing, changing and advancing are all words that come to mind when I think of evolving.  I think a person can evolve spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Everything and everyone is changing and its a beautiful thing that has been happening since that dawn of life and the start of our existence itself.

What do you love most about Yoga?

I love that everyone can do and be Yoga. I love the way I feel before, during and after a Yoga Asana practice and I love the way you can take Yoga on and off the mat. 

Join Tess on the mat Monday 12 noon and Tuesday 6.30am