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Fresh food favourites in Ubud

Many of you know how special the little village of Und is.  If you get lucky enough to spend some time in this volcano side town in the middle of the tiny island of Bali, you cannot deny that there is something magic going on here. It feel like you are somewhere between heaven and earth. I've been blessed to be in Ubud for the last few months and there are soooo many incredible places to eat, it can be overwhelming! Basically you can't go wrong and here are a handful of my freshest, most favourite spots to eat, drink, chat and type.  


I cannot overstate how much I adore this brand new baby cafe. Not only is the coffee the best in Ubud (yup) but the food is also generous and immaculately presented, the staff are the sweetest, the Aussie founders are beyond lovely, the space is cosy and styled to perfection.....ON AND ON. Oh yeah, and the music is the bomb. And the Kale salad changed my life. 


Another new fave for me, is this homey yoga retreat centre (somewhere I would LOVE to host a retreat next year) and their organic restaurant is like coming home. They have a organic garden where their produce comes from, so fresh in face, that I once saw the staff picking leaves from the garden that went straight into my salad. I could feel the happiness from my cells! My faaves are the Monster Sala and the Jackfruit Tacos. 


This new spot (they have two location on the same street) is right in the thich of central Ubud so is a welcome sanctuary, once you get our of the hustle bustle, you are enveloped in a tranquil vibe backing onto the rice fields. My top pics are the dragonfruit smoothie, the turmeric tofu scramble and the vegan bulletproof coffee. . 


What did Ubud-ians do before Zest?! The new space is set an old Balinese building with new life pulsing through it. It's alive with digital nomads, a great place to be in laptop mode and be surrounded b y like-minded peeps. Apart from being a sprawling restraunt, they also host morning dance parties on Friday mornings and other fresh events for the community. 


Another bright and breezy space that is bursting with high vibe conversations and food fit for the Gods. The menu here is next level with medicinal mushroom lattes and superfood smoothie bowls, it really is healing food! You can easily slip into a timeless space here and be absorbed by the Ubud goodness.   

Let me know in the comments your fave places in Ubud!