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The ugly side of yoga

If you are a yogi or a meditator and you think this path is pretty and clean, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

What actually happens when we look inside? Often we see things about ourselves that we don’t want to see. Our yoga mat is a mirror that reflects back to us things about our relationships, our work, our contribution, and our choices that we might not like the look or feel of.

The practice of looking inward and seeing ourselves in clear focus is freakin’ messy. I get angry, I get sad, I cry, I sweat (the ugly sweat, not the dewy, glam sweat of photoshop) I grieve parts of myself that are no longer required, I get scared, I get doubtful.

You might be tempted to avoid the messiness of daily living for the tranquility of stillness and peacefulness. This of course, would be an attachment to stillness, and like any strong attachment it leads to delusion. It arrests development and short circuits the flow of wisdom
— Jon Kabat Zihn Wherever you go, there you are

If you choose to walk this path and commit to this deep work, there will be the entire gamete of human emotion and experience in HD, full colour, bright light and darkness.


Are you ready to live in full colour?

I’m not into denying these parts of myself; I’m not into pretending to be pure or peaceful all of the time. I’m all for acceptance, unbound deep acceptance of me, and of you, just as we are.


We are all in this together.

The practice of knowing yourself is the ONLY thing that matters right now. Nobody needs you to be enlightened, nobody needs you to be perfect or put together or pretty or clean. All we need of each other is to know ourselves acutely, be ourselves authentically.


That means to own your shit. To know your strengths, triggers, weak spots, gifts and blessings. You no longer need to deny any aspect of who you are.

When you show up, 100% as you are, guard down, vulnerable and real; you empower others and create the space required for them to do the same.

And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom
— Anais Nin

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