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30 day Challenge - Summer Sadhana

The new year always brings a buzz of fresh energy and the motivation to make changes to create the life that we really want to live! It takes 21 days to make a habit (so lets do 30 to be safe)  so lets embrace the inspiration and start 2014 with a bang of transformative yoga!

 yoga practice and lifestyle transformation

Are you Ready? Yeah. You are. The fact you have even clicked on this event means there is a part of you ready to experience the richness, the fullness and life changing power of yoga!!

Heres the deal: 

Daily yoga practice: You have the opportunity to attend unlimited classes at alchemy  and on for the days you cant make it in, commit to creating a home practice that serves you best. 

This is how it's meant to be done! Yoga is a daily practice, something we do everyday, like brushing our teeth. Yes, sometimes its difficult to get to class and some days there isnt a free 90 minutes to practice at home. But even 30 minutes of quiet sitting or 5 sun salutations can change your day dramatically. With intention and committed attention it does not take long to check in with your body, calm the thinking mind and reconnect to the truest parts of yourself.  With regular, consistent practice you will experience the true power of this ancient science. 


Make a change: As part of your 30 day Sadhana (self-study, the yogic practice of immersion) you will be asked to make a committed change to one aspect of your life. Totally your choice: some examples might be: Quit Sugar, Go Vego, No TV, no alcohol, daily green smoothie. Try to choose something that you know you have an attachment to (if you never watch tv, dont choose to 'stop watching tv") and if youre into adding in more good stuff (like green smoothies) choose something that will support your new lifestyle, and not create added pressure or stress!!


Get connected: No doubt this 30 day challenge will bring you into closer presence with your true self, and we want to create a space where you can connect with each other. Satsang (surrounding yourself with people who share truth) is a really important aspect of yoga life. We will create a facebook group so that we can all share our experiences, break-throughs, struggles, questions, and inspiration! Youre welcome to post photos of your home prac, the candle youre lit to mark the start of meditation practice, your healthy veggie dinners or whatever else is going on or you!  


We will be here to support you every step of the way, of course in class and to help guide your home prac, and yogic practices off the mat! 

This is such an exciting time to be manifesting the life of your dreams! 

Disclaimer: Usually the universe has a much bigger dream for you than you could have imagined! 


Registrations open now!

Start your 30 day challenge anytime from January 6th-27th - your 30 days will begin from your chosen start date (the sooner the better, harness the energy of New Year!)

Cost: $200 includes Unlimited yoga classes, daily guidance and inspiration! 

You can Paypal on the 'prices' page

or pay cash at the studio. 


We are thrilled to offer this opportunity for everyone to experience the true joy, inner peace and pure love that is YOGA!!!