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sunday sesh: Mantra & Sound

Explore the power of mantra & pranayama with Stuart Watkins

Come soak in healing sound with Julian, Jay and Matt.

Mantra and chanting have gone in hand with yoga asana forever and is used to aid meditation practice.  According to the ancient yogis (and modern physics) the universe is made up of sound and vibration. All sound, whether subtle or audible, effects the world we live in.

Sound a bit 'woo-woo'? All you need to know is mantra practice can add a whole new dimension to your yoga and make you feel happy inside. 

 We will free the voice, jump into vibration, be soothed by live healing music and learn why mantra is just as important as asana! If you have any gongs, bells or hand drums, feel free to bring them along. This is great for any yogi looking to learn more about ancient yogic traditions and practices. It will be a playful, safe space so come as you are. And bring some friends!

Om Namah Shivaya

 bookings required, $50

payable to : 

Yoga Alchemy bsb 302 162 acc# 0480860

And email your payment  receipt to