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Special Sunday sessions- Surfing as yoga

surfing as yoga - an introduction

Dates –

Sunday - Feb 9th 3-5pm – Yoga Alchemy Northbridge

Sunday - Feb 16th 1-3pm – South Trigg Beach


Have you ever wanted to experience the joys of wave riding but felt lost in where to start and what it all means? 

The art of wave riding has long played a central role in personal and spiritual development. Whether as a result of the blunt lessons of mother-nature, or through some sense of deeper connection; there lies a vast number of similarities between yoga, meditation and the dance that is surfing.

Through the energies of the ocean it is possible to step away from the monotony of routine, to learn to play in the rhythms of an environment charged with universal energy, and ultimately to sense a greater connection between that energy and your own being. 

Join us in our 2 week introduction to surfing as yoga workshops. You will be introduced to the concepts of wave riding and the techniques available to connect with an ocean’s moving energy, and in the process we will draw out some synergies between the art of surfing and the practice of yoga.

The first weekend will entail some group discussion, conceptual introduction and an overview of yogic asana and pranayama techniques which will assist in the dance.

The second weekend will be in a live ocean setting where you will be guided through the surfing act by one of Australia’s best surf coaches Kent Turkich. It is here that we will consolidate the concepts discussed in week 1 in the most appropriate way available, direct experience, followed by a debrief about the parallels between surfing and yoga, and the ways in which they can enhance each other.


Dates –

Sunday - Feb 9th 3-5pm – Yoga Alchemy Northbridge

Sunday - Feb 16th 1-3pm – South Trigg Beach

Price $108


Due to space, places are limited to a maximum of 10 participants.

Bookings Essential  payable to Yoga Alchemy 

BSB 302-162

Acc# 0480860

$108, please state Surfing as Yoga in the Narration box. 



You yourself are the eternal energy which appears as the Universe.
You didn’t come into this world; you came out of it.
Like a wave from the ocean.”

— Alan Watts

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