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30 day Winter Sadhana

Winter Solstice marks the darkest point of the year and the gradual re-emergence of light. Winter is a natural time to retreat and honour the pull of hibernation. During this 30 day Sadhana we will intentionally take a pause to reflect and regenerate as we see occurring in all of nature. Over the next 30 days we will explore the depths of our body, mind and heart with rewarding and transformative yoga and  life practices.  

yoga practice and lifestyle retreat

Are you ready and willing to commit to 30 days of  retreat?

Winter is the ideal time to nourish the inner fire, build stamina and heal as we awaken and emerge into the warmth and light of spring. At this time of year it's common to experience poor digestion  and circulation, sluggish metabolism,  depression, lethargy, dullness and often the immune system takes a beating. When practised regularly, we can experience balance and harmony with the inner and outer environments, keeping our pitta (fire) alight and vital

Heres the deal: 

Daily yoga practice: You have the opportunity to attend unlimited classes at alchemy  and for the days you can't make it in to the studio, commit to creating a home practice that serves you best. 

This is how it's meant to be done! Yoga is a daily practice, something we do everyday, like brushing our teeth. Yes, sometimes its difficult to get to class and some days there isn't a free 90 minutes to practice at home. But even 10 minutes of quiet sitting or 5 sun salutations can change your day dramatically. With intention and committed attention it does not take long to check in with your body, calm the thinking mind and reconnect to the truest parts of yourself.  With regular, consistent practice you will experience the true power of this ancient science. 


Make a change: As part of your 30 day Sadhana (self-study, the yogic practice of immersion) you will be asked to make a committed change to one aspect of your life. Totally your choice: some examples might be: quit sugar, take a break from facebook, save electricity, quit buying/using single-use plastic, time in nature or daily journalling. Try to choose something that you know you have an attachment or aversion to (if you never watch tv, dont choose to 'stop watching tv") and if youre into adding in more good stuff (like green smoothies) choose something that will support your new lifestyle, and not create added pressure or stress!!


Create a sacred space: Together we will create an alter; a warm, inviting place in our respective homes where you can reflect daily. We encourage you to choose a pranayama (breathing technique) that you will practice for 10 minutes a day for the entire 30 days. Upon registration you will receive more info on these two aspects of our Sadhana.  

We are here to support you every step of the way, of course in class and to help guide your home prac, and yogic lifestyle practices off the mat. You will receive bi-weekly email communication from us including articles and resources to enhance your holistic yoga-transformation process. 

This is such an potent time to be immersing in the great teachings of yoga as we move into the new cycle. Prepare to to experience the richness, fullness and life changing power of yoga!

Registrations open now!

Commence your 30 day challenge anytime from June 21st-29th - your 30 days will begin from your chosen start date

Cost: $200 includes Unlimited yoga classes, online guidance and inspiration! 

You can Paypal on the 'prices' page

or pay cash at the studio. 


We are thrilled to offer this opportunity for you to experience the true joy, inner peace and pure love that is YOGA!!!