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sunday sesh: Ayurveda Teaser with Suzi Rice

Our fave New Yorker, Suzi Rice, is back from her voyage to India and packed to the brim with inspiration from her Ayurveda teacher training. This Sunday we will unpack the basics of Ayurvedic theory and practice. There will be yoga asana sequences,  interactive workshop style philosophy and tips and tricks for you to take home and try. This will be super nourishing for body, mind and yogi soul. 

The Breakdown

2 Hour workshop


No Bookings required



Introduction to Ayurveda: Prkriti / Vrkriti


First we’ll introduce the concept of Ayurveda (the traditional science of medicine) and the fundamental relationship of Prkriti  (primal matter, physical nature) and Vrkriti (our current state of balance/imbalance)  The workshop will allow the courageous participants an opportunity to realize and explore their unique individuality while confronting their current state of being through the lens of Ayurveda.  


Exploring the Doshas: Delving deeper into our unique characteristics

After getting to understand our individual doshas, we will move through a doshic yoga-flow, with awareness and respect for what we need to create balance.  Participants will leave with greater personal insight and ability to balance their Prkriti and Vrkriti so that they may organically live and understand their unique nature. Armed with this insight of ourselves, based upon Ayurvedic principles, we will move through an introspective, intuitive and organic yoga-flow, to establish balance, rejuvenation, and peace.  

Using Ayurveda to create and maintain optimum health:

A tool kit


Now that we know what Ayurveda aims to accomplish and we understand that our individuality stems from Doshas, we must put into practice this new awareness. For optimal health, our mind - body - soul and consciousness must work in harmony and then we are better able to deal with everyday stressors.  

We will conclude incorporating this knowledge into an uplifting meditation. You will leave feeling inspired to live your most exceptional life!

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