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Elixir of Movement | w Delamay Devi

Friday 15th January 

7 - 9pm | Yoga Trance Dance with Delamay

Saturday 16th Jan

1 - 4pm | Elemental Vinyasa (for all levels)

Sunday 17th Jan

1 - 4pm |  Exploring Softness/ Lasya & Power (for all levels)

Bookings apply for all sesions

Book now to recieve the early bird discount. Valid until Jan 3rd. 

$150 for all 3 sessions / $50 per session. 

$60 after Jan 3rd. 


Yoga Trance Dance
15 Jan­u­ary @ 7pm — 10pm

Yoga Trance Dance, cre­ated by Shiva Rea ( is a mat-less prac­tice! We flow into an explo­ration of free-form, breath dri­ven move­ment to lib­er­ate one’s cre­ative life-force and cul­ti­vate embod­ied free­dom. By open­ing to the many dimen­sions of yoga we go beyond the bound­aries of our mat and into the mat-less space. Using music as our guide and draw­ing upon the qual­i­ties of Sahaja (spon­tane­ity) we will flow along the many dif­fer­ent path­ways of move­ment together with inspi­ra­tion and change by twist­ing, mov­ing, spi­ral­ing, sur­ren­der­ing and releas­ing spon­ta­neously down the river of prana where yoga and dance become one!

Ele­men­tal Flow
16 Jan­u­ary @ 1pm — 4pm

Con­nect­ing to the Ele­ments that influ­ence our daily life enables us to cre­ate sta­bil­ity to flow through our life with embod­ied ease. Start­ing with Earthy hip open­ings and for­ward bends, float­ing into Air we play­fully indulge into the ele­ment of breath and bal­ance, for Fire we draw upon inner strength and cul­ti­vate heat within the body and for Water we express the flu­id­ity in move­ment with joint rota­tions and spi­rals, end­ing in Ether for the ulti­mate sur­ren­der into bliss. Includ­ing a guided med­i­ta­tion and mudras.

Lasya /Tan­dava
17 Jan­u­ary @ 1pm — 4pm

Expe­ri­ence a beau­ti­ful oscil­la­tion between Lasya and Tan­dava as we fine tune the bal­ance of soft­ness and power in our prac­tice. Invit­ing in the idea of oppo­site attracts and with­out the dark­ness we are unable to shine our light. Lasya: Soft­ness, Yin, Exha­la­tion, Fem­i­nine and Sen­sual Tan­dava: Power, Yang, Inhale, Mas­cu­line and Empow­ered Are we able to com­pletely relax when bal­anc­ing on our arms? What hap­pens if we close our eyes? How do we trace the path­ways of our thoughts when we are faced with a chal­leng­ing sit­u­a­tion? We will be work­ing with the Prana Flow® meth­ods of Puls­ing, Body and Rhyth­mic Vinyasas to enhance and cul­ti­vate a deeper aware­ness of soft­ness and power within our bodies.

Early bird: until 3 Jan­u­ary $50 per ses­sion
After 3 Jan­u­ary: $60 per ses­sion
All work­shops: $150