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Applied Mindfullness | Learn to live yoga on & off the mat

Sunday 28th February 

3.30 - 5.30pm


Imagine the following scenario: you go to your local yoga studio, and drop all of your worries at the door. For that hour, you leave the stresses of daily life behind as you settle into the safe, peaceful space of the yoga class. For this hour, you are relaxed. Finally!

But as soon as you’re out of the studio door, you’re right back into your reactive headspace - stressed out, and perhaps, if you’re honest with yourself, not really acting in alignment with your own deep heart values. Maybe you yell at the kids, or your partner. Maybe you’re working in a career that you can’t stand. Perhaps you’re becoming aware of just how much your life is lived out of fear, instead of love. You know that mindfulness is important, but difficult thoughts and emotions seem to keep getting in the way.

Join Alexandra Birrell for this 90 minute workshop and you will learn scientifically proven, habit forming mindfulness skills to bring deep meaning, purpose and clarity to your life. You'll learn to change your relationship to limiting beliefs, old stories, and negative habits, empowering you to step into a life that feels good to you, first and foremost.

Limited places available in this 2 hour Immersion

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