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40 day inward retreat / Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice marks the darkest point of the year and the gradual re-emergence of light. Winter is high time to honour the pull into hibernation.

During this 40 day inward retreat we will intentionally take a pause to reflect and regenerate as we see occurring all through nature.

Over the next 40 days we will explore the depths of our body, mind and heart with rewarding and transformative yoga and life practices.  


yoga practice and lifestyle retreat

Are you ready and willing to commit to 40 days of retreat?

Winter is the ideal time to nurture the inner fire, build stamina and heal before we emerge into light of spring. At this time of year it's common to experience poor digestion and circulation, sluggish metabolism,  depression, lethargy, dullness and often the immune system takes a beating. With regular asana practice, we can experience balance and harmony with the inner and outer environments, keeping our pitta (fire) alight and vital. 

Why 40 days?

The period of 40 days has been proven to effect our physiology, neurology, psychology and spirituality. There is an almost universal tradition of taking 40 days as a ritual. From ancient Eygpt and Greece, Native America, Hinduism to Christianity, Jainism, Judaism and Islam. To be accepted into Pythagoras’s academy you had to first fast for 40 days.

In out modern age, Steve Jobs invented the first Apple Mac when he was on a 40 day apple juice fast (hence the name) and the list goes on.

Let’s see what magic can happen when we commit to 40 days of looking inward.

Here’s the deal: 

Daily yoga practice: attend unlimited classes at alchemy and a commitment to creating a home practice that serves you best. 

Make a change: As part of your 40 day Sadhana (self-study) you will be asked to make a committed change to one aspect of your life.

Here are some examples:

  •          choose a pranayama for daily practice

  • digital detox

  • save electricity

  • quit using single-use plastic

  • spend time in nature

  • daily journaling

  •          quit sugar


Create a sacred space: Together we will create a home altar; a warm, inviting place where you can connect daily. 

We are here to support you every step of the way, of course in class to your lifestyle practices off the mat. You will receive weekly email communication from us including articles and resources to enhance your holistic yoga-transformation process. 

Registrations open now

Investment: $249 includes Unlimited yoga classes, online guidance and inspiration. 

We are thrilled to offer this opportunity for you to experience the true joy, inner peace and pure love that is YOGA!!!