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sunday sesh: Candlelight Yin

Please join me, Amanda, for two hours of slow, nurturing yin yoga and guided meditation. This class will be a beautiful opportunity to free up accumulated tension by just the light of the setting sun and candles to soothe the nervous system. 

sunday 31st may


*please note: slightly later time than usual

If you are a stress head or currently feeling exhausted, this one is for you. We will enjoy a sequence of deep forward folds to effect the kidney meridian that governs our adrenal glands and energy levels. Through these long holds and slow transitions we will practice mindfulness. This class will finish with a guided yoga nidra meditation and deep rest. 

The intention of this session to help you feel more grounded, deeply nourished and at ease in your body. We will release tension from the connective tissue to create more mobility and flexibility around the joints and we will explore the idea that being aware of our thoughts and thinking patterns, may impact our perception and feeling of wellbeing. 

Open to all levels

no bookings required

$30 at the door