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Ayurveda 101

Sunday 10am - 12 noon 

Eden & Wild, Ayurvedic Cafe, Claremont 

$33 online / $35 cash on the door 

Limited to 12 places only! 

Learn the fundamentals of Ayurveda, the holistic medicinal system that originated in India some 5000 years ago. The sister science of yoga, ayurvedic philosophy can be applied in simple, practical ways to optimise the flow of energy in all aspects of our life.  

  • You will get to understand your individual dosha and your original prakriti.  This all about balancing your current body-mind constitution and returning to your unique, optimal state of wellbeing. Learn what herbs and diet will help to optimise your physical and mental health as well as which lifestyle practises like pranayama, meditation will work to harness vitality and balance. 
  • Learn how to the principles of Ayurveda and understanding the gifts and challenges associated with your dosha (mind-body type) are the key to discovering your unique purpose and mission in the world! 
  • We will also look at ayurvedic diet, seasonal eating, why preparing your food with intention is key and share recipes and finish with a guided meditation related to Summer season and balancing Pitta.  

This workshops is for anyone that wants to be empowered with self-awareness and ancient wisdom to heal and restore positive energy, joy and ease. I look forward to sharing this life changing ancient art-science with you.  

Dosha Balancing Essential Oil blend
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