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The Art of Sequencing Flow | w Nianna Bray

We warmly welcome you to join us for these unique Masterclasses and continued education Teacher Training. This weekend Immersion will be held at Yoga Alchemy with a maximum of 20 participants. It will be a hands on, intimate opportunity to work with International yoga teacher from Los Angeles, Nianna Bray . 


bookings now open 

Saturday and Sunday 14 + 15th March 

10 - 6pm

Yoga sequencing is an art form that is crafted over time and with experience. If you are a seasoned teacher and are feeling stuck in your sequencing or you are a new teacher and need guidance this continued education teacher training module will help you hone your skills and give you tools to be a better teacher. You will learn how to create intelligent sequences based on the principles of vinyasa. You will be encouraged to discover your true teaching voice, cultivate and trust your intuitive wisdom and refine your ability to read bodies and tap into and guide the energy of the room.

Yoga Alliance certified training 

Teachers who are members of Yoga Australia can claim CPD points if they attend this course.

$199 includes both Masterclasses and two days training


Saturday and Sunday 14 + 15th March

10 - 12pm 

These classes are open to Intermediate and Advanced practitioners. 

In this master class you will experience the dynamic and embodied translation of energetic vinyasa through the powerful teachings of Nianna. Embark on an inner journey that will awaken your creative flow, ignite your heart fire and awaken your body and mind. You will be challenged in the best way possible while feeling empowered, inspired and alive. 

$49 per Master Class


 $199 all inclusive teacher training 

$49 2 hour masterclass

Nianna is a beautifully fierce and compassionate international yoga and tantra teacher and travel guide who inspires her student/friends with both her in-depth knowledge of yoga traditions and culture and her openhearted liberated teaching and travel style. Her passion and dedication inspires and illuminates.

Her diverse and comprehensive study with master teachers of different methods of yoga, dance and healing arts in the US and India has given birth to her thoughtful translation and dissemination of ancient wisdom in modern times. She is eternally grateful for the mentor-ship and tutelage of her beloved teachers who continue to light her path with their brilliance and love.

Nianna’s style is uniquely her own, relevant to modern life while steeped in the tradition of ancient wisdom. She has woven her diverse teachings into a fabric of embodied power and grace. Each class is grounded, inspired, and integrated. Her Tantra Vinyasa class is rooted in asana and pranayam as our direct participation with Prana Shakti, Life Giving Source, by uniting the feminine/inhale and masculine/exhale polarities. She teaches yoga and tantra in the lineages of Krishnamacharya, Sri Vidya, Shakta Kaula and Krama traditions. Her teaching is  inspired by many modern mystics and contemporary classics. Her mother Gabriela, Prana Flow as taught to her by Shiva Rea, Continuum Movement as taught to her by Emilie Conrad, 5 Rhythms by Gabrielle Roth, Kundalini Tantra,  Ashtanga, Yin yoga and restoratives, women’s wisdom and sacred sexuality have been influential in her own embodiment of movement and healing arts.  


 $199 all inclusive teacher training 

$49 2 hour masterclass

I teach yoga because it changed my life in undreamed of ways and I am passionate about sharing this knowledge with others. I never would have thought I would be were I am today. I am living my dream. I won’t say it has been easy but I will say that it has all been worth it. Tantra is a science of the heart and returns us to our essence. It reminds us that fear is only a marker that we are truly living and that love and freedom is all we really want. We are born and then we die, what we do in between is up to each of us. 

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