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sunset SUP yoga | w Claudia + Amanda

Inspired by the potency of the full lunar energy, we'll be honouring the rhythm and cycles in our own lives as we move through Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutes) and luscious hip opening sequences.

Svadhisthana -  is the water chankra; the centre of our passion and our creativity and it resides in the space between our hips, our sacral plate and where our uterus resides. Author Anodea Judith explains in the book Wheels of Life that "In Sanskrit the chakra Svadhisthana can be translated to 'one's own abode', from the root word Svad we also find meaning in 'to taste sweet' or 'to enjoy or take delight'. When the plant has deep roots and is well watered, then the fruit is sweet. To open the second chakra is to drink with delight in the sweet waters of pleasure". 

Trusting our inner artist we can create our lives with unrestrained deep pleasure, welcoming in more of what brings us delight, nourishing ourselves so we become full. 

The exchange for this 90minute experience is valued at $59.00 and you can reserve your board here.