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Within India, Kerala is known as ‘God’s Country’ a land of abundance, sweetness and synchronicity. With lush coconut groves as far as the eye can see, this soul-quenching retreat will allow you to come home to your unique Self and live a meaningful life.This retreat is dedicated to honouring your body as a temple and opening to the magic and wisdom that India has to offer. 


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Join Amanda and Marc this October, on a pilgrimage to the green, serene sanctuary of Kerala. If you have ever dreamed of experiencing Mother India, or if you dream of real soul connection and feeling totally At Home in yourself, this is for you. Over the week, we immerse in inspiring yoga and meditation classes and informative workshops, healing massage treatments, guided writing reflection and nourishing organic, vegetarian meals. This potent combination (plus being on the sacred land of South India) results in a week of full body healing and balance between the heart and mind.


Living in flow

Our daily practises,treatments, meals and adventures all relate to the experience of Living Yoga. From day one, you will have a private consultation with the ayurvedic doctor, you will get to understand your unique dosha on a deep level and through our yoga practice we tend to the earth element, focus on grounding Vata and balancing the root chakra. With each day, we flow through the elements of water, fire, air, sound and light; their related chakras and doshas. These powerful yoga, meditation and writing practises are coupled with daily massage and healing treatments plus time to unwind in nature. Three nourishing meals are served a day, made with lots of love, according to ayurvedic guidelines.

Come Home: Kerala Retreat

Limited places remaining!

All rooms are twin share, please enquire below if you wish to have a private room for an additional charge.

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EXPerience INDIA 

Our retreat is located in Kochi, where every building whispers a tale from the past, there will be time and opportunity to explore the narrow winding markets streets and together we will visit beautiful local temples and landscapes.

(You also have the freedom to be still and enjoy the replenishing art of going inward, immersed in the natural world)

Insight tour

This year, we are also offering an additional pilgrimage to the North of India in the week following our retreat in Kerala. This Insight Tour is a partnership with Amanda’s Karma Collab initiative, dedicated to the education of girls This is a volunteer trip designed to give you a real insight into the lives of thee inspired girls. To get involved, click here.


Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga and is India's traditional, holistic medicinal system. The principles of ayurveda are to restore and optimise the flow of prana to bring the body, mind, emotions and soul into a state of harmony with our natural state and nature itself. 

‘A person who is in a mentally, physically and socially in a perfect healthy condition is called Swastha.’

Five millennia of intense observation and study of the human body by the sages of India lies at the core of Ayurveda, the "wisdom of longevity". The Ayurvedic physicians of Kerala continue to research and refine the theory and practice of Ayurveda to fight the illnesses that the modern way of life creates in us. At Swastha Ayurveda Retreat Centre, you can avail the service of a team of expert ayurvedic doctors to rejuvenate your body and restore its natural balance

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meet marc

Marc Laws’ journey from professional soccer player to sports therapist turned yogi continually inspires him to explore the human body and the power of connection, with self, others and nature.

Learn more about Marc here


Amanda Noga is a highly qualified and passionate yoga and ayurveda teacher, with a authentic love of yoga and a knack for bringing together inward reflection and playful expression through the practices shared.

Learn more about Amanda here



Amanda, I am even more blessed to have met Amanda and experience one of her retreats, first of many I'm sure. She truly has a special gift in creating a profound space helping anyone that crosses her path to bring more gratitude, presence, love & light into their existence. Amanda's patience and wisdom remind us to be gentle with ourselves and honour our truths. I thank you so much for her love, care and the memories.

Amanda's beautiful energy and the way she holds space for flow, inspired connection with yourself and with others and a totally nurturing environment brings out the best in everyone on retreat. So much laughter and lightness was shared in this space and it was a total life recharge and refresh. I will always treasure the connected feeling from the India retreat - I so fully support and recommend Amanda and her offerings

I have wanted to participate in a yoga retreat for quite a few years and I can tell you that this one was worth waiting for. Kerala is a beautiful location and Amanda's retreat experience is a joy. Her practice has a softness and strength to it that is very unique. I felt very supported during the retreat, and I left feeling completely rejuvenated with a calm clarity that I have rarely experienced. No matter what your age, or yoga ability is, this is a very special travel and yoga experience to share with wonderful like minded people



Absolutely! Whether you are new to yoga, this is your first ever yoga retreat or you're a junkie for this stuff, you will have a nourishing and rich experience. All levels are welcome and everyone will be fully supported in their yoga journey. 


For sure! This retreat will be super chilled and you will get lots of time to hang out together. If your partner is new to yoga, thats fine! Encourage them to give it a go and remember it's not a competition! 


Yep, you can book your own flights, and we can hook you up with an awesome travel agent if you like. You can fly directly into Kochi and if you would like us to arrange an airport transfer to the retreat centre, no problem. Just send us an email with your flight details. 


Awesome. So are we. whether you're vego, gluten free, dairy free or anything else, there are heaps of options here. The food will be beautifully healthy, clean and fresh. ALL of our meals will be ayurvedically balanced, vegetarian and gluten free. Please let us know if you have any food requirements or health challenges that you are concerned about. 


Check in time is 3pm on the 5 October . You may arrive early, but we cannot guarantee that your room will be available until noon. Check out time is 11:00 am on the 11th. 


We understand that life sometimes throws curveballs, we can offer you a full refund if required up to 3 months prior to the retreat. The places are limited and refunds after this point will not be possible. In the case that you are unable to join us, you can gift or sell your place to a friend or family member. 


If you have any questions at all, flick me an email now! 

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