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Embodiment Practises for All of You

As you navigate your yoga practice, use your intuition and ask yourself these key questions.

How do you feel?

What time of day is it?

What part of the moon or menstrual cycle are you in?

What season is it?

How much time do you have to practice?


Making Love with Life

This is the practice of hatha yoga, uniting sun & moon, uniting breath & body, uniting heart with the pulse in all of Life.

Simplicity is Significant

Strong + soft

Restoring Balance

These short, sweet practises will help to harmonise your body and mind. sequences and pranayama for each dosha. or different times of day.

Vata balancing

2pm - sunset

Pitta balancing

10am - 2pm

Kalpha Balance

sunrise - 10am


Vinyasa practises and meditation for morning + evening.

Sun shine / Activating

moon shine / pacifying


Shine meditation / centreing



Vinyasa Practises for your inner and outer seasons





Mapping the Landscape of the Body

Yoga nidra is the practice of yogic sleep for radical rest + deep healing