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In a flash of insight we see ourselves clearly

In a shimmer of  light we recognise the beauty that is ever present

catch the light


WHY meditate?

Establishing regular contact with ourselves through a meditation practice, ensure that we engage with the fullness that life offers.  There are hundreds of time tested and scientifically proven benefits of meditation, both physical and mental, subtle and tangible.  Through meditation we remember how to participate fully in life with presence.  And as a result we bring more passion and compassion to our relationships, more power and awareness to the body-mind and more meaning and purpose to our daily actions.  


what is shimmer?

3 x 10 minute guided meditation audio tracks.

These guided meditations are designed to return your body-mind to the natural state of harmony and reconnect to your true self through presence. The meditative state is always present, all we need to do is tap into it and catch the light. 

Each guided meditation has a different flavour, you choose when, where and what you want to practice, depending on your unique focus. Each one is intentionally crafted to help you reflect with specific questions for self-enquiry and guidance on how to reconnect to your truth and intrinsic beauty. 

Slip into meditation first thing in the morning, or pop on a track to complete your yoga practice.

Or take 10 at midday to reset. And set yourself  up for a deepsleep and sweet dream with an evening medi. 


medi i: passion

Balancing: air element, anahata heart chakra, vata dosha

Reflect + Reconnect 

desire, denial, devotion, passion, compassion, creating space, self-expression, divine expression  


medi ii: power

Balancing: fire element, manipura solar plexus chakra, pitta dosha

Reflect + Reconnect 

truth, trust, peace, power, presence, strength, surrender, personal will, divine will

medi iii: purpose

Balancing: earth + water, muladhara root + swadistana sacral chakra, kalpha

Reflect + Reconnect 

service, obligation, meaning, purpose, fear, freedom, fulfillment, soul contracts, collective consciousness  

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3 x 10 minute guided meditation audio tracks (mp3 format)


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